Fleet for Transportation Industry

Transportation & Logistics based organisations manage business with Fleet. Fleet spans the data of Cargo movement, Customers, Vehicles, Personnel, Workshop, Sub-contractors, Suppliers, Accounts and Stores. Fleet is a comprehensive software solution for Transporters with large fleet of specialised vehicles under contract to carriers of individual single consignments.

The system tracks operations from Loading & Unloading of vehicles. Connecting to Hirers orders, the system continues to perform computer assisted billing and complete accounting with Hirers and sub-carriers. The data efficiently tracks shortages, transit delays, empties returning and forms the database for analysis.

Movement data is correlated to vehicle route expenditures. With the multi-site implementation feature the system handles data of cash advances, on road repairs, and all other operations from geographically separate locations combining them through replication and allowing complete control from all points.

Fleet covers the following business functions