The driving software for dynamic automobile distributors

Automobile Distributors have to market aggressively for highly productive manufacturers. The aggressive selling has to be matched with satisfactory after sales service to retain customers. And this, the distributors have to achieve profitably in a highly competetive environment of narrowing margins and increasing expectations.

Frontseat is a software from Minisoft for automobile distributors, dealers and showrooms. A complete system for the activities of Sales and Purchases of Vehicles and Spares and the Operations of Workshops Frontseat covers the functions of ordering, despatches, invoicing, workshop job documentation, financial accounts, stock control and payroll.

Frontseat is made to the business patterns of automobile dealers. The system streamlines the dataflow between vehicle sales and workshop service, spares sales, transfers to workshop and workshop billing, workshop operations and mechanic time and payroll and customer billing. The software emphasises the typical requirements such as varying sales discounts, workshop subcontractors billings, Claims from manufacturers, indenting and procurement from manufacturers.

Above all frontseat is made for the Managers. The MIS concentrates of the business hotspots of Sales person performance, Inventory levels and obsolescence, Sales and workshop profitability and performance against targets. The system is designed for a multi-location environment as distributors may be operating from several sales and service centres.

Frontseat covers all areas of operation :