Pathmaker for Construction Industry

The system built for construction

Pathmaker is a software for planning, managing and accounting of construction contracts.

Execution of Construction contracts timely & profitably requires a close co-ordination between the shedule of work planned, the actual execution of work, arranging the resources required for its execution, and ensuring that the resources are utilised efficiently and as estimated.

The system considers the Works Order (W/O) or the Bill of Material / Bill of Quantity (BOM / BOQ) as the basis of Construction Contracts data. The software assists in planning the W/O production schedule and correlating the usage of resources to progressive measurements of work completion. The software analyses the resources utilisation with estimates and provides complete information on status of progress of contracts completion to schedule, comparisons of inputs & costs to budgets and forecasting of resource requirements in future stages.

Pathmaker is a complete ERP solution for the Construction Industry.
The software integrates data of: